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We strive to provide the highest quality products, service, and recommendations that enable companies to achieve a competitive advantage within the industry

Whether you’re in need of aggregate equipment, hard-to-find OEM parts, or dependable shop and field service to get your machine back online, Anju Industries experienced and dedicated employees will do what it takes to support your business.

Punctual Delivery time

Adaptive inventory stock to meet Customers’ immediate needs and to aid in a timely delivery of products

Team of Professionals

A successful team of experts with the right mix of professional skills to ensure our customers get the best value

Smart Technology

Our knowledge of the latest machining technologies ensures that users are at the forefront of their fields

Easy and Affordable

With the simplest of skill, one can easily use our products, also at a favourable price compared to our competitors

Innovative Products and Service for Human and Animal nutrition.

Steam generator and supply through Biomas Boiler

Transform the chemical energy contained in the solid fuel into thermal energy while cutting energy costs & promoting sustainability

Neem seed oil and cake production

Organic manures like oil seed cakes supply micronutrients beneficial to crop growth & productivity

Cassava chips Production

Compared to potato chips, cassava chips are also healthier because they contain less acrylamide (a suspected carcinogen)

Production of Animal Feed

Formulated to meet specific animal nutrition requirements for different species of animals at different life stages

Whole wheat flour manufacturing and sales

Whole wheat meal has historically been prepared by milling wheat kernels into meal, which may be further ground into flour

Moringa powder production and sales

As at 2019, moringa products (most especially the seeds and leaves) export market increased at over 30%


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